VFM provides a rich menu of offerings that allows you to open up to greater vulnerability at your own pace.

Choose Love and Connection over Fear and The Familiar…

VFM offers a wide array of offerings that “meet you where you are” on your journey to greater emotional freedom.

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Connect easily and comfortably with other men of heart and stature through the sharing of Stories, Challenges, Suggestions, Solutions and Victories in Vulnerability.

Private Coaching and Consulting Services


With the uncanny insight of a trial lawyer, the creativity of a successful entrepreneur, and the heart of a lifelong spiritual pioneer, David Gold has guided countless men along their unique journeys to deeper, authentic relationships with themselves, to life, and to those who love them. He also works with companies and organizations that want to foster a culture of transparency, authenticity, and connection. Click here to schedule your free 15-minute consultation with VFM Founder, David Gold, and discover how easy, natural, and satisfying authentic connection can be, man-to-man.

VFM for attorneys

David Gold brings his unique skills and experiences as a trial lawyer, law firm founder and founder of VFM to help attorneys reconnect to themselves, their loved ones, and to life – without compromising their legal careers. Services include one-on-one mentoring for individual attorneys, as well as consulting packages for law firms wanting to create a culture of openness and connection, rather than mistrust and alienation. Click here to schedule your free 15-minute consultation with Dave Gold to learn how you and/or your firm can maintain your professional success without shutting yourself off from life.

VFM Public Events


Enjoy entertaining and unconventional stories of vulnerability from a diverse group of successful, articulate, and fascinating men. Coming to a venue near you!


The VFM College series, “Advice to a Younger Me,” presents college-age men with real-life models of masculinity that speak to what it means to be simultaneously strong and vulnerable, independent and emotionally connected in their lives and careers.

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