Are you finally ready to lay down your armor and start tasting the experience of your own life?

If you’re a man and you’re reading this, chances are someone has told you more than once that you need to “become more vulnerable.” Maybe that someone was actually YOU, as you grow increasingly weary of unsatisfying relationships, living in fear of the unfamiliar, and feeling fundamentally removed from the very life you are living.

If you do indeed desire greater vulnerability—more openness, connectivity, and authenticity—it’s not unusual to feel overwhelmed by the seeming enormity of it all. Where do I begin? How do I handle my fear of losing control, of being undefended, of dealing with the intensity of living my life with my arms wide open?

Vulnerability For Men provides a process and a platform that leads you to greater emotional freedom, more satisfying personal relationships, and a willingness to let go of the compulsive need to control every aspect of your life. Rather than trying to force-fit you into some kinder, gentler version of yourself, VFM empowers you to become more of yourself by allowing more of life to reach you.

Is Vulnerability For Men Right For Me?

Do people you care about complain that it’s hard to reach you emotionally? Do have a history of “making messes” in relationships and can no longer honestly place all of the blame on others? Or are you just sick and tired of going through the motions and not really tasting the experience of your own life?

VFM is designed for men who have reached a point in their lives where they’d rather be connected than protected and who have the courage to actually take the first simple steps to experience life rather than perpetually try to control it.

How Can VFM Help Me Become A More Authentic, Connected, And Less Fearful Man?

VFM helps men directly experience the power, satisfaction, and trustworthiness of living a more open, connected, and authentic life. VFM provides individual and group coaching and consulting services and presents public events such the “Band of Brothers Storytelling Series” and “Advice to a Younger Me” series for college-aged men. Click here to find the engagement option that works best for you.


David Gold has enjoyed success as a trial attorney, entrepreneur, and business coach and consultant. He also devoted over four decades to relentless spiritual seeking, working with two demanding teachers along the way and writing a book about his experiences. He has served as a spiritual guide and mentor to thousands of college students at Duke, UNC, and NC State. Despite his bounty of earthly accomplishments and transcendent experiences, it was only when he laid down the armor of his arrogance and ideas and allowed life to reach him that he discovered that vulnerability opened him to everything he so desperately desired, including the Love Unimaginable that he shares with his Forever Love, Juli Reeves. He has now successfully “reverse engineered” his remarkable life journey and founded Vulnerability for Men so that others can discover the same ease, trust, love, openness, and vulnerability that he enjoys—but without as many of the struggles and mistakes that he endured along the way.

David and his daughter, Abbey

David and his wife, Juli

When I got home from Dave Gold’s Vulnerability For Men program last night, I realized that I was transformed in very simple and profound ways. The experience opened me up to something that I didn’t even want to confront, and left me wanting to seek out more knowledge or a better understanding in myself. This is not self-help. This is self-guidance. The message is a pure one, and not an ego driven exercise. He really connected and it was amazing.

-Franklin Santana, Durham NC