Programs, mentoring and consulting services for men who who want to
Connect easily,
Love deeply, and
Thrive magnificently –
Without losing their edge!

Watch VFM Founder, David Gold

relate how vulnerability transformed his life from a lineage of
fear to a “playground of opportunities!”

VFM enables men of heart and courage to:

  • Connect more easily and authentically with those they love
  • Make greater sense of their emotions and the emotions of others
  • Meet life with trust, humor, and curiosity
  • Become “more of themselves” than they ever could have imagined
  • Stop fighting life and start experiencing it

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Dave Gold recounts in his unique colorful fashion how the advice “Don’t figure out – FIND out “ changes EVERYTHING. Watch and FIND OUT what vulnerability might mean for you.

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VFM provides a rich menu of offerings that allows you to open up to greater vulnerability at your own pace.